Many types of nutrients are needed to keep the body healthy. We take vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates etc. in our diet every day. We do this so that we do not let any deficiency in our body.
Speaking of vitamins, we consume many types of vitamins. One of these is Vitamin Biotin, which is also known as Vitamin H or Vitamin B7.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages and biases of biotin. Let’s first see what symptoms of biotin deficiency in the body and what biotin can they get from?

Symptoms of biotin deficiency

Stretch and pain in the muscles.
Itching, irritation and irritability in the skin
Dissociation of digestion such as acidity, gas or constipation in the stomach.
Hair fall or thinning of hair faster
Memory loss
Having problem of mood swings
Experience exhaustion.

Sources of biotin

In breakfast, by egg and boiled chicken.
By consuming plenty of water.
The amount of biotin in the cheese and goat meat is also found.
Biotin can also be obtained by eating salad with meat in lunch.
Benefits of biotin (biotin benefits in hindi)

1. Biotin repairs muscles and tissues

As we know, deficiency of biotin stays in the muscles and strains of pain. The reason for this is that the problems in the muscles are not correct due to lack of biotin.

If biotin is taken in sufficient quantities then problems occurring in the muscles and tissues can be solved.

Biotin B is complex vitamins and it enhances the metabolism of amino acids and proteins in the body. When this happens, muscles and tissues begin to work faster.

Biotin not only works to repair muscles but also motivates cells to regenerate.

Biotin also promotes the metabolism of glucose. In this way the body is motivated to create new cells because a new energy is transmitted in the tissues. New cells also increase the immunity of the body.

2. Helps in Weight Loss Biotin

People who are suffering from obesity problems should eat plenty of biotin. To say that people suffering from obesity should include things in their diet that contain plenty of biotin.

It has been reported from some studies that the combination of biotin and chromium reduces the level of TRI glaseride in the body, which helps in weight loss.

If the level of tri-glacialide increases in the body then fat begins to form in the body but biotin tri completely reduces glacialide levels.

Biotin also increases the metabolism process in the body, which helps to a great extent in weight reduction.

Due to correcting metabolism, digestion is also strong and fat particles break easily, so that there is no crowding anywhere in their body.

By breaking the particles of fat, not only giving energy to the body, but also reducing the weight. Altogether, biotin is a perfect diet to reduce weight.

3. Beneficial Biotin in Diabetes

Biotin is very beneficial for people who have type 2 diabetes. Biotin reduces blood sugar levels in the body. In such cases, the person suffering from diabetes gets very comfort.

Those who lack insulin should take plenty of biotin in plenty. It has been proved in research that biotin taken in adequate amounts is helpful in improving the level of glycemic management.

In the research done some time ago, it has been found that taking biotin and chromium together brings a great benefit to the person suffering from diabetes.

The biological form of biotin and chromium can also be given to people suffering from diabetes through injection.

4. Relief from problem of inflamation

Biotin should be taken to get relief from the problem of inflamation. In research, it has been claimed that biotin prevents the increase of cytakines in the body so that the body can be protected from inflamation.

Because biotin also strengthens the muscles, this is also one of the reasons biotin relaxes with the problem of inflamation.

5. Biotin produces proliferation in respiratory system

If you are taking a considerable quantity of biotin, then you should be cautious immediately. The heavy amount of biotin produces many problems in the respiratory system.

If you are taking irregular biotin, you may have problems breathing, pain in the lungs, or irritation of the chest.

6. Increases obesity and fat biotin

However, we discussed that biotin reduces obesity as it reduces fat levels in the body, but it is also a matter of note that if excessive amount of biotin is taken, the effect can be reversed!

Yes, if you are taking biotin more than twice a day, then your weight may increase rather than decreasing. In one research, it has been claimed that those who have diabetes should not take biotin through supplements, but they should drink excessive water and eat natural foods to meet biotin deficiency.

If they take external supplements to complete the biotin deficiency in the body then such levels of biotin can be confused in their bodies, because this biotin will increase the fat level in their body.

Persons suffering from diabetes should avoid excessive consumption of biotin because it promotes the production of glucose and fatty acids in the body. As a result, the weight of the body starts to grow and the sugar levels in the blood become unbalanced.

7. Excessive biotin gives birth to acne

Excessive amount of biotin gives rise to the problem of acne. Biotin promotes the production of sabab in the skin so that you start growing faster.

8. Drinking biotin leads to excessive sweating

Increasing levels of biotin in the body causes the urinary tract to shrink. There is a problem of frequent urination.

Not only this, but due to the increase of biotin levels in the body, heavy sweating occurs, so that every time there is fatigue in the body.

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