These are the benefits Calcium

Calcium is the most essential nutrient for a healthy body and a happy life. In such cases, we need a small quantity of calcium per day, but if it is not included in the food then it starts decreasing in the body. And it can be dangerous to ignore it. From children to elderly and young to pregnant women, everyone needs lifelong calcium.

Today, through this article, we will discuss the advantages, calamities, sources of calcium, problems arising out of its calcium etc.

Benefits of calcium

Just like we need oxygen every second, we need calcium just like that. It may sound strange, but if you understand the need for calcium in everyday life then you will never be careless again.

Calcium is the basis of the bones present in the body. It strengthens your bones, causing the body to remain healthy.

Calcium also gives you an evergreen smile. how? Because it makes your teeth white and strong. Actually 99 percent of the body’s calcium is present in bones and teeth. You will be surprised to know that calcium is very important for your heart, in very small amounts. It works as a helper in the heart so that they keep working properly.

Apart from this, calcium nails are also considered very necessary for the strength and shine. If you are thinking that it is so important, then just wait. Calcium High Cholesterol plays a major role in controlling high fluid levels in children along with high BP.

Source: There are plenty of calcium

You can easily get the calcium requirement in the body through foodstuffs. So let’s know about calcium’s natural and tasty sources from which you will get plenty of calcium.

This list comes at the top of the milk. But if you do not like milk or have trouble with lactose, you can take yogurt or paneer.

In addition to milk, plenty of calcium can also be found in vegetables. Vegetables are called ‘Power House’ of Calcium and this list includes Butter, Cabbage, Broccoli, Curry Leaf, Fenugreek, Mint, Green Coriander, Carrot, Tomato, Guarphali, Beans etc.

You get enough calcium from fruits such as coconut, cilantro, jambal, mango, oranges and pineapple. Apart from this, nuts like almonds, pistachios, nuts, munkas are also its main sources.

Apart from this, if you talk about natural resources, names like gram, rajma, moong dal, celery, cloves, asafetida, cumin, black pepper, wheat, millet and ragi are also included. By adding food here to your diet you will be able to meet calcium requirements through natural sources.

Calcium deficiency

Often, calcium deficiency in the body due to irregularity, deteriorating lifestyle and negligence in catering. If you do not pay attention to this for a long time, there are many problems like muscle stiffness and pain. Bones become weak and easily break down. And when the situation is critical, it takes the form of a disease known as rickets.

With this, its effect on the tooth is visible, in which rot is the starting symptom. If your nails are very weak and are easily broken, then it is a sign of lack of calcium in the body. While there is a strong and hard hair, hair loss also points to this. The body periodically indicates the lack of calcium through various signals. It is necessary to understand these signs and take necessary steps during the time.

Calcium tablets

To cure calcium deficiency, doctors recommend taking calcium tablets. This gives the body calcium in the right amount.

These tablets are easily available at nearby medical shops. But without the advice of a doctor, it should not be eaten.

Calcium loss

There is also a second aspect of it. As it is said, there is no good of anything and loss of it, it is also completely true here too.

Taking excessive calcium intake has a negative effect on its health. There is a danger of heart attack if you need more tablets than you need.

It has an effect on the stomach, which causes problems such as lack of appetite, constipation and pain. Also, it is also responsible for body dehydration. High intake of calcium can also spoil the kidneys and the problems of stone may also arise.

On the other hand, it promotes prostate cancer in men. On the other hand if someone is feeling dizzy, then too much calcium intake can be responsible for this. People should include calcium in their diet naturally as soon as possible. Calcium tablets should be kept as the last option.

Women have special needs

There is a lack of calcium in women especially. In India, women are usually hunted after 35 years of age. But why only women? Because women undergo many natural processes on different stages of age such as menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause.

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