To keep the body healthy, many nutrients are needed, of which Iron is the key. If there is a shortage of iron in the body, then we have to deal with many diseases.

It is advised by doctors that it is important to have iron level balance in the body so that a healthy life can be done.

Iron deficiency disease

Disease in women with iron deficiency

Iron deficiency in girls and women is quite harmful. Girls have a bleeding problem due to iron deficiency during menstrual cycle. They do not have adequate bleeding, due to which they reach the internal harm.

Due to lack of iron in pregnant women, growth of the fetus is disrupted. Embryonic bones, brain and heart are not able to develop properly. In some cases, due to lack of iron, the child is born mentally retarded.

Iron deficiency leads to anemia disease

We all know that iron deficiency leads to anemia or anemia. The level of blood in the body starts to decrease rapidly, so that weakness and yellowing in the body begin to appear.

Sometimes the level of blood in the body falls so that the person dies.

The risk of colon cancer due to iron deficiency

Iron deficiency leads to anemia disease in the body. In one research it has been claimed that this anemia boosts the risk of cholesterol like cancer.

In a research, about 600-800 people were researched and found that anemia further promotes the risk of colon cancer.

Iron deficiency can lead to heart attack

Iron deficiency reduces oxygen levels in the blood. This way, there is not enough amount of oxygen available in the heart and other parts of the body.

Lack of oxygen in the blood affects the tissues and ligaments of the heart. Not only this, sometimes iron deficiency leads to heart failure.

Iron deficiency fatigue

Iron deficiency leads to fatigue and dizziness in the body. This happens because the blood level in the body is decreasing and the amount of oxygen in the remaining blood is decreasing.

For both of these reasons, iron deficiency damages the body with problems like fatigue and dizziness.

In this way we can see that iron deficiency leads to many diseases in the body. Let’s now see what is the reason for iron deficiency?

Due to iron deficiency

The biggest reason for iron deficiency is that our diet lacks iron content.

When we do not include iron-rich substances in our diet, then surely the body does not get enough iron.

Another major reason for iron deficiency is that our diet contains a large amount of junk food and cold drinks. Iron deficiency in the body due to cold drinks and junk food.

Sometimes it happens that we consume iron rich foods, but still our body lacks iron. The reason for this is that our cells do not absorb enough iron from food. Iron deficiency in the body in this way.

Iron deficiency in the body and due to its disease is a different matter but this does not mean that we can not get rid of it.

Let’s see how iron deficiency can be accomplished.

Treatment of Iron deficiency

One of the best ways to meet Iron deficiency is to include things in our food that contain amounts of iron.

Secondly, we should take adequate sleep so that iron or other nutrients present in the body will not be able to reduce rapidly.

We must fight cold drinks and junk food altogether because it reduces iron in the body.

Besides, if these things also do not meet the lack of iron in the body, then we should consult the doctor immediately.

Occasionally the doctor gives some injections and treatments to meet iron deficiency in the body, which gives us much relief.

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