What is selenium and how does it work

Selenium is an important mineral that benefits our health very much. If there is a lack of selenium in the body, then we may be suffering from a terrible disease like cancer!
Anyway, there should be a balance amount of all the nutrients in our body. This is exactly what applies to Selenium. Let us see how Selenium benefits our health.

Benefits of selenium

1. Salenium extracting harmful substances from the body

Selenium works to purify our body. It exits harmful substances from the body.

The mixture of mercury, arsenic, cadmium and selenium present in seafood extends to our body a great deal. It helps to remove the toxin substances present in the body.

In this way our body becomes toxin free so that our immune power becomes stronger.

When the level of fatty acids is increased in the body, in such a way, selenium plays an important role in reducing the level of these harmful fatty acids.

Selenium Omega, combined with three fatty acids, helps the body get rid of harmful fatty acids. In this way body weight is also in control.

2. Strengthens the immune system Selenium

When Selenium expands toxin from our body, then immunity to the body increases automatically.

This is because old cells in the body begin to repair quickly and new cells are also started. In this way the body gets the ability to fight various types of infection.

In addition, Selenium increases the number of white blood cells or white blood cells so that our body receives a wonderful ability to fight against viruses and bacteria.

3. Beneficial for HIV sufferers is Selenium

HIV incurable is a fatal disease, which has not been detected yet and no such incidents are seen in the future.

The death of the person suffering from this disease is certain but there are some things which can reduce the rate of mortality, which means age can be increased. Selenium is one of them.

Yes, the abundance of selenium in the body of HIV sufferers is very beneficial.

Selenium reduces the rate of infection of the cells so that the effect of HIV virus slows down on the body.

Selenium is rich in antioxidant properties, which can not kill the HIV virus but its effects must be reduced. In this way the chances of a person’s life grow slightly.

4. Hair is a boon for Selenium

Selenium miraculously benefits hair. Dandruff gets rid of the problem of selenium in the body. Not only this, but it also makes the hair smoother and shiny.

People who have hair loss problems should consume zinc and selenium-rich foods. Doctors also recommend consumption of zinc and selenium-rich substances when there is a problem of hair fall.

They inspire us to grow again and also strengthen the roots. Apart from this, it helps to get rid of the problems of white hair and dandruff.

5. Selenium works for the patient of diabetes

Insulin injections are given to the patient of diabetes, but if there is a rich amount of selenium in the body, then there is lessening the need for injection of insulin to the patient.

Selenium increases the level of insulin in the body so that the patient of diabetes gets much comfort.

It also eliminates extra sugar and harmful fat particles in the body so that the patient of diabetes gets rid of the possibility of cardiovascular diseases.

6. acts as anti-aging factor Selenium

Selenium acts like an anti-aging because it works against free radicals cells in the body.

Antioxidant properties found in selenium protect cells from being damaged. Not only this, but also help to recover the damaged cells again and to create new cells.

This is the reason that the abundance of selenium in the body leads to late aging.

7. It is important for the health of heart Selenium

If you want you to stay away from cardiovascular diseases, make sure that your diet contains plenty of selenium.

Yes, Selenium plays an important role in reducing excess harmful fat in the body. In this way, the arteries do not get blocked and there is protection from cardiovascular diseases.

8. Provides protection against cancer

The abundance of selenium in the body greatly reduces the chances of cancer.

It has been proven in research that Selenium provides protection against many types of cancer such as prostate cancer, lung cancer, intestinal cancer or stomach cancer etc.

9. Increases fertility power

To increase the fertility power, we should consume enough foods from selenium.

Selenium induces the creation of contrasts in men. In other words, selenium increases the number of sperms so that fertility power grows.

Not only that, Selenium also greatly reduces the probabilities of fetal defects. In this way the child is born healthy.

10. Helping to get rid of thyroid problem

When the balance of thyroid related hypertension gets worsened in the body, then thyroid problem becomes such.

Selenium is helpful in keeping balance of thyroid’s hormone levels in the body. In this way, it greatly reduces the problem of thyroid.

Selenium helps to convert thyroid hormones from T4 to T3. In this way, body functioning also gets better.

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